2001 BMW 330i | Herschel Dubé


Growing up I’ve always loved cars whether they were my toy legos, antiques, new cars, American or euro I loved them all. I remember the first time I sat in the front seat of my dad’s 1990 BMW 635csi and felt the torque sucking me into the seat with the biggest smile on my face. My father was a big influence in my love for cars because I watched him passionately build his cars from the ground up and never cut corners. Although our generations and styles are different now I still look up to how he would worked on his cars with passion and attention to detail.           

My venture into car builds began at the age of 16 when I purchased my 1993 Bmw 535i which was a 3.5 liter inline 6 engine with 225hp for the price of 2500$.The car came with factory bbs wheels, meaty tires and factory ride height. I loved this car from the moon and back and I named her Vanessa. Although I could barely afford gas, inspection or even replacing the tires on this car I drove it proudly.  It was with this car where I felt the true difference in having a rear wheel drive car over anything else. In the beginning I had bolt on modifications such as stage 2 intake, bolt on muffler, chip and used bc coilovers. As time went by the car began to have driveshaft issues that cost way above what was worth of the car.           

It was the summer of 2010 I decided to cut ties with Vanessa and find another car that would be more sufficient with my budget and ambition. After looking through many cars I came across a stock 2001 Bmw 330i. Although I wanted an m3 the price range for one at the time was just out of my league. This black 330 was a very good platform for the desires I had to build my own m3. The inline 6 3.0liter engine and lighter body gave the car a good amount of torque and power. Learning from my mistakes I knew this build had to be different and it had to be my own. I began this build with ISC coilovers that had dampening and pre load adjustments. Moving further I changed the wheels to a more aggressive set of m3 wheels and swapped the front bumper for an m3 style with a csl carbon fiber lip. The engine work included swapping the stock cams for m3 cams including m3 high flow headers and a custom built

3 ½ down pipe to 3 inch straight pipes flowing into a dual in dual out magnaflow muffler. Afe stage 2 intake, M3 control chip, stoptech brakes with drilled and slotted rotors.

The building of Holly was going over so well and I had not a care in the world until on March 19th 2015 the very last snow storm my car was struck and totaled by a hit a run driver. I walked out to what I found was my car edged onto the sidewalk left for nothing but a piece of metal. I had my car towed to Moonlite Motorwerks in Gilbertsville where I was given the bad news that the car had been totaled. In my mind I knew I wasn’t going to let Holly go so I paid out of pocket 9k to rebuild the frame damage and replace the whole suspension, wheels, engine mounts, brackets, under drive pulley and other damaged parts. It was at this point where I took my Fathers advice and made Holly my own build. I started with going with a more appropriate mtech II front bumper with a hamman carbon fiber lip. Replaced the rear trunk with a carbon fiber csl style trunk lid. Adding to this I got rid of the stock hood and got VIS carbon fiber gtr m3 hood with led halo depo 12k headlights. Controlling the car is an NRG hub with a grip royal woodgrain steering wheel. I swapped my ISC coilovers for broadway static coils with 24k spring rates for a more aggressive lower ride height. With that I also completed a 5 steel lug nut conversion to be able to fit a wide wheels in the front and rear without any wobbles or issues. SPC steel lower control arms for -9 degrees camber rear -3 fronts sitting on Water Cooled Ind MT10 wheels 18x10.5 et 15 18x11.5 et10 in the rear. I pulled the body line of rear to fit an aggressive width in the rear and had the car wrapped dragon fly red to match the flow of what I call a rebirth of Holly.           

My future plans for the car include Airlift struts, VIP modular wheels 18x11 fronts 18x12 rears and a full supercharged LSX engine swap. Stage 3 racing single mass racing clutch. Vortex custom carbon fiber diffuser with a rebuilt exhaust and down pipe to accommodate the LS engine flow. Strip the interior for a camo inside inner lining and remove the rear seats and swap the front seats from bride racing seats.  The Holly build will always continue but my plans for this car will always be of vengeance. This car represents who I am as a fighter and will never
be stopped.

2007 Subaru Impreza | Evan Geiser



As a kid, growing up I was surrounded by cars. Older cars were always the talk in my family. One day around the age of 6 my grandfather asked me to take a ride to the parts store in my home town and that was it. I was like a kid in a candy shop, asking tons of questions about performance parts and anything hanging on the racks. As I started to see movies and shows started showing newer modern cars that's when I started to love them as well as classics and I knew I wanted something cool when I could drive.

Ten years later I was 16, getting my driving permit and trying to find that first car. I started at the bottom. A 1994 Toyota tercel was my first car and within the first two weeks it had wheels and an exhaust and I was hooked. After that I met a neighbor of mine with a boosted 94 civic hatch and I had to have one. Just before I turned seventeen I found myself in the driver’s seat of a 94 hatch that by some coincidence was boosted on 22 pounds and dear god was it fast. After about six months and barely knowing how to drive it I traded for a 92 cb7 that was on the ground. Very ratty but still cool. I ran that until the winter and after that winter it just never started again.

Now that brings us to the winter of 2014.  After watching world rally cross, friends that own them, and seeing gymkhana videos I knew what my next car would be. A Subaru Impreza STI. As you'll find out I got a little bit less then what I wanted. I got the Subaru and Impreza part but the STI was a bit far out of my 18 year old price range. But after knowing a good friend named Nick Minnis for a while he finally saw it was time to sell his 2007 Subaru Impreza 2.5i and I saw it as the perfect platform. After coming from the turbo Honda scene moving to an all-wheel drive naturally aspirated family sedan was great but speed was lacking. When I picked the car up in January of 2014 I did know what I had in store but I had been looking at parts for months when the idea first popped in my head. When I bought it the car was on race lands and on xxrs that were 4 different colors and also had a STI wing. The two things I knew were that once the snow melted I was going lower and getting new wheels. 

Little did I know the events to come after that snow melted wasn't even the beginning. I can say I didn't stand by my word of going lower and getting new wheels when the snow melted because it took me 9 months to get new wheels and over a year to go lower...

And here we are today. My car all in all has come together in the first 8 months of 2015. After a good winter of saving and working it was time to enter the big leagues. And kill it for the new season. I decided to go with BC racing coil overs with the extreme low option. They gave me a huge adjustment range and good alignment options to dial everything in. After the xxrs I went to Mercedes Benz wheels then to Alzor 40s and now on avid1s. The final specs were 18x9.5 with a 0 offset with spacers. I had picked up some racecar aero parts for the front lip, side skirt runners and a voltex rear diffuser. The other mods that came along, straight pipes, STI front seats, Corbeau harnesses, an NRG steering wheel, hub, and quick release ,spec-d head lights, 04 STI taillights, custom shift boot, Along with custom chameleon center dash and vent circles.  After the car was pretty far along and the fitment was good I got a chance to be sponsored by a body shop. The brute force took me in as a team car and basically told me we could do whatever I wanted too. This was the one time I really didn't know what to do. The possibilities were endless. When the car went in the plan was to get the trunk, bumper, wing, hood, and scoop resprayed. That changed in about an hour with the parts listed above we added the side skirts and wheels. After the car came back from paint it was on I took out the STI seats and I added Corbeau Forza wide seats and those topped it off for the season, H2Oi and the upcoming Oktoberfest.

The future is very bright for the build hoping to move to some wide aggressive 3-piece wheels, possibly wide body and in the end a H6 boxer motor with a single turbo set up paired with a built STI six-speed transmission. The car is nowhere near in its final state but hopefully will all come together I the next few years.

Thanks for reading and enjoying my build.  -Evan

2003 Acura RSX | Brian Hughes


Back in 2011 I had my first “stance” car as a 1997 Honda Accord with some small modifications but I had big plans (including most of the parts) for a 5 speed swap along with an H22.  It was painfully obvious I was going to need a daily to get me around while the Accord was down.  Growing up I had always loved the 94-01 Integra’s so that was the first choice for my search.  After months of searching (Now January 2012) I thought I found the perfect one, until I showed up and the pictures from online were clearly outdated.  While driving home after the letdown I spotted a white 2003 Acura RSX base for sale at a small dealership.  This wasn’t my first choice however it was in the Integra family so I decided to take it for a spin.  Needless to say I fell in love during that test drive and needed to bring it home with me so after some negotiations I was the proud new owner of this RSX I decided to dub Snow White.  Unfortunately, hours after signing for the car I decided to take my Accord out for a night drive where I had a meeting with a large deer who rearranged all of the frame rails up front thus leading to me selling it, making Snow White my new project.

Initially the plans were very simple; replace the foggy headlights, do black interior swap, slightly lower it on coilovers and add some wheels.  Retrofitted black housed headlights came first, followed by the black interior swap.  The interior swap was definitely one of the biggest projects I had ever tackled on my own; it was fairly straight forward but all of the wiring behind the dash was still intimidating.  Working part time I was budget conscious and decided to go with Raceland coilovers and Enkei RPF1’s next.  The racelands gave me the height I was looking for at that time; however there was still a lot of body roll and the ride was pretty stiff so I realized this was only temporary.  For the next year I lurked on the forums looking for a setup that pleased my taste when I finally came across the first RSX I had ever seen on air ride; I was immediately hooked.

I started researching day and night but the information online for bagged RSX’s is fairly limited.  This is when I came across F.A.S.T. of West Chester who specializes in Honda and Subaru modifications as well as air ride installs.  I began talking to Dave Brown, the owner of F.A.S.T., for a couple of weeks about all of the things I wanted in an air ride setup and decided to go up and visit.  He was nice enough to show me a couple setups similar to what I had in mind and that sealed the deal for me.  The only issue that remained was coming up with a trunk layout that allowed me to show off the setup while still maintaining some room for my books when going back and forth to classes.  After a few days of nonstop searching trunk layouts we came up with a setup that would accomplish both of these.

 Once the air install was finished the RPF1’s simply weren’t cutting it in the specs I had when static so F.A.S.T. helped fit some Work Meister S1 3P in 18x9.5 +10 all around to give me the fitment I was craving.  Following this I decided a lip kit was necessary to clean up the outside so I sourced a Mugen front lip and authentic Aspec side skirts and rear lip.  Even though I did a black interior swap it simply wasn’t enough so a DC5r Momo steering wheel, AP1 S2000 cluster and push to start were in order to give it a more modern feel.  To this day the cluster is still one of my favorite mods, it isn’t something everyone will notice but that’s what I enjoy about it; it flows so well it could pass as OEM.

Moving into the future I have some plans, however nothing is set in stone yet.  First and foremost I would like to do a metal wide body as there was only a handful of RSX’s in the world with this done so far, as well as the fact that it would allow for less camber all around.  Next would be some sort of custom seats, as almost all of the modified RSX’s are fitted with DC5 Recaro’s which simply don’t flow with the vision I have in my head for this car.  Finally would be an engine swap with a slightly tucked bay as the base k20a3 leaves much to be desired in the performance field.