poetry in motion

The Serico Standard is all about originality and quality.  Our vision is to spread the passion we have for cars and the lifestyle behind it. We strive to provide a unique outlook and inspire others to take their dreams and creativity to the next level. The Poetry in Motion mantra is the manifestation of our enthusiasm for the culture. Your car is your blank canvas. Live to the standard and let your passion become Poetry in Motion.      

The car scene we know today is growing larger and faster than anyone could have imagined.  Enthusiasts are everywhere now and they all want something new they can be a part of.  Not only will we provide you quality coverage of the most exciting cars out there, Serico also features cars and owners that have the inspiring stories behind them.  Just because the car doesn’t have the most expensive parts you can buy, doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of attention, and we want to bring that to you.